Fresh Flowers

Status | In Development

When our disparate worlds collided, Tidy’s being a 134 year-old flower shop and Meru being a 1.5 year-old creative shop, we felt there was a common spirit of experimentation that we could draw upon to move our companies forward.

Jim and Janet Lye, the current owners of their well-entrenched family business, gave us the opportunity to freely experiment with their online property, handing us full creative control in how we present the floral arrangements they expertly create and distribute.

As soon as we began researching, surveying and meeting with Tidy’s florists, we noticed our appreciation for flowers growing quickly. The beauty and artistry inherent in flower design was obvious, but the way in which they were being displayed online was clearly not doing them justice. We also understood that sending flowers to someone you care about is not about a particular flower type or a particular occasion; sending flowers is about conveying a thoughtful message. With these simple insights in mind, we have developed a unique, modular platform in which consumers first convey their sentiments to our expert florists who then translate these sentiments into beautiful arrangements.

Please visit to see how our transformation process is unfolding.