Price My Ride

Status | Beta launched

Vehicles make up a significant portion of an average household budget. Amazingly, people tend to enter into this process largely uninformed, without taking into account important aspects of the cost of actually operating the vehicle beyond the sticker price. Even with an abundance of information available online, finding the true cost of driving before Price My Ride was surprisingly time consuming and challenging.

When our team invented an algorithm that could calculate the cost to insure any vehicle in seconds, we realised we were on path to creating clarity in the often confusing online automotive space.

We took this insurance cost, added lease, fuel, maintenance and even environmental costs to create the ‘all-in cost’ of any vehicle. This powerful number allows consumers to understand, for perhaps the first time, how much a new or used vehicle will actually cost to own and operate.

Our next step was to design and build, from the ground-up, an online tool that could connect consumers with businesses at a time when consumers are actually looking for a vehicle. This means businesses don’t have to waste time and money on expensive blanket advertising only to reach customers who aren’t in the right frame of mind to make a purchase, and customers don’t have to be inundated with meaningless advertisements at inappropriate times.

We invite you to visit the site to get a feel for how Meru has creatively developed and produced this unique commercial platform entirely in-house.