Story Planet

Status | In production

“It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story.” - Native American proverb

Story carries with it the spirit of our collective through the ages. It breathes empathy into us, awakens our imaginations and allows us to move ideas in a uniquely human way.

When producer Liz Haines and Trace Pictures gave us the opportunity to create an interactive storytelling experience to engage children, we realized we could bring together our love of story and our understanding of technology in a powerful way.

Liz’s passion for working with kids in her Story Planet workshops resonated with us and inspired us to conceive of an online environment in which kids co-author stories with talented professional authors and illustrators. In this virtual space, typing a few words animates mysterious creatures and opens doors to wild and diverse adventures.  It moves kids through a complete storytelling process, giving them a professional-feeling narrative that they can publish and share.

Meru is spearheading both the creative development and the full production of this unique interactive experience. Our team’s work thus far has been awarded Bell Media funding as well as Shaw Rocket funding and in collaboration with TVO, FEDEV and Centennial College, we aim to have a completed interactive experience by July 2012.

Story Planet is the type of opportunity we cherish. It forces us to look beyond simple execution and consider the larger impact of what we are creating. As kids become more immersed in technology that changes the way they consume, digest and make sense of massive amounts of information, we believe we can help create ways for them to meaningfully connect with their world and help them artfully express themselves.